Saturday, January 28, 2012


Well as I already explained I'm not really sure what's going to go on with student missions for next year or the year after or really whenever.  I've laid out some "fleeces" and asked God to make it clear whether I should go next semester or not.

In the meantime, today I talked with some Spanish-speaking friends of mine and got the "official" okay to go to a place that asks for "fluent" Spanish as a requirement.  So it appears that I could go to the Dominican Republic if I wanted to. 

Here are some blog posts from the organization in case you're interested in looking at them.

I will move ahead, trying to get my passport renewed, seeing if Southern will okay me to go to Dominican Republic or El Salvador (my second choice), applying to the particular organization--and keep asking God to "work out the details" and shut doors if He doesn't want me going there!

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