Sunday, January 22, 2012

On Adaptability

Last Thursday I found out I can't go to Guatemala.  They want a male SM.  Probably because of political/drug trafficking issues.  Well I am not a male and don't plan to be one any time in the foreseeable future.  So scratch that.

Dominican Republic wants fluent Spanish.  What is "fluent"?  Does it mean I talk like a native or does it mean I can mostly understand when people speak to me? 

El Salvador is still open but other reports say they don't know what the project (still comparatively new) is going to end up doing; more political issues. 

My SM coordinator says she will contact other organizations but . . . honestly, I have seen and heard and watched enough, I don't want to go with just anybody.  I want to at least have half an idea of what I'm getting into. 

They say the qualifications for a missionary are adaptability, adaptability, and adaptability.  But (as everyone, I think, wonders at one time or another), adaptable to WHAT?  I refuse to be "adaptable" to people's whims.  But I want to always be adaptable to God's ideas.  How am I supposed to tell the difference? 

I know God has called me . . . but to what exactly?  I'm beginning to believe He's called me to be a teacher . . . but who? where? when? even what? Elementary or high school or college?  Stateside (which state?) or overseas?  Rural or urban or suburban?  Private or public? Teacher's aide or SM now or professional teacher later? English or foreign languages or all of everything?

So confused.

But I know He has a plan.

He has a plan.

He. has. a. plan.

And I will know when the time is right.

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