Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to College

Tired.  First week of classes is always the most difficult!  Work has gone haywire with supervisors that had to quit unexpectedly because of severe back problems, other supervisors that may have to quit for the same reason, too few student workers, and new supervisors and student workers that don't yet have the routine down. . . all of which mean that I get to train in all the new kids, plus try to explain to my stressed-out supervisor why we simply can't have the same output as before.  In addition, of course, I have new classes and an unknown amount of work and projects.  :) 

Still memorizing though.  It is great to be able to think on God's Word--the ultimate good thing--in the middle of craziness.  It helps focus and calm my scattered brain amazingly well.  So far, I would recommend some sort of memory project to anyone! :) 

I am also taking a Facebook break.  It was taking too much time.  Don't ask me how Facebook takes so much time when you don't play games or do other such things, but somehow it did anyway because I definitely notice the difference now.  I'm not sure when I'm going back on--I'm thinking spring break--but just in case anyone is wondering, that's what happened. 

So there is your dose of random meanderings from a befuddled college student.  Enjoy! :D

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