Sunday, March 10, 2013

Post-Homeschooler Diaries (warning: random)

. . . a very random installment that shall return from time to time, as I feel like it. :)

In this story,

Post-Homeschooler Returns to School

Spring. Break. In her pre-post-homeschooling days (a.k.a. the days when she was a real-live homeschooler), Post-Homeschooler never had one of those. Well she had spring,
and she had break,

but not both. Except when she went on mission trips, which were more it-feels-like-summer and not-break. 
But great experiences nonetheless.

Now, however, Post-Homeschooler has break. Spring break. The proverbial nectar of the gods, it grants life to the fainting college student. 
Or at least a return to the homeschooling lifestyle, which for this particular Post-Homeschooler, entails sleeping in till the unearthly hour of seven o'clock in the morning, reading deep books, and riding horses. Oh, and working. With a few things like eating and sleeping thrown in as well. You know, the whole stimulate-the-mind-and-exercise-the-body thing. Very good for you.  
Spring break, however, 
is short.

VERY short. 

Did I mention it is short?

Shorter than this Post-Homeschooler is tall. Yep.

So, with much grief and indignation, Post-Homeschooler returns to school.
 Dear humongous blue backpack, I would love you even more if you weren't always full of school stuff!

These are not this semester's books. This semester's are fatter.

Sigh. Why must one become a post-homeschooler? :)

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Michelle said...

I look forward to more installments, since I am still in the trenches homeschooling my son!