Friday, March 22, 2013


One of the "altars" my little guys and I made today
First "real teaching" done! It went well. Short but well. I thought I had over-planned so that was a bit of a surprise; but okay, I would rather go short than too long. My field experience partner had her lesson on Wednesday--I helped out--and it went really well too. We got good feedback both days.

And we finished our longer-term placement at an urban school this morning. I will miss my little 4th- and 5th-grade guys, but so glad to be done with planning! :)

April our Environmental Education class is going to lead a three-day outdoor field school in Smoky Mountain National Park for home-schooling families. I'm excited! Have volunteered to help my professor work with said home-schoolers (lol), in case he wants it, and it seems he does! So I had better get my thinking cap on as to ideas of things to do. On the trip itself, a friend and I will be in charge of creating, implementing, and leading all the activities for the pre-K-to-first-graders and their associated parents. I'm sure it will a great time.

But this week is the end of our field experiences this semester except for that field school.

Next semester I have three classes with field experience. At least one of them has a scheduled time to meet, two hours a week Friday morning.'s all good but kind of like nursing clinicals, it plays havoc with work schedules and the like. Especially when one is trying to work three jobs.

A month from next week is finals. Doesn't seem like it should be here yet! Doesn't help that it's still frigid cold half the time, so it doesn't feel like summer's coming at all!

More thoughtful post coming, maybe about Facebook, yoga, the Bible, and getting up early. (Good enough teaser there? Don't start freaking out yet...I'm not joining any Eastern religious practices!) Today I just thought I would post about life sometimes, as it happens too. :)

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TN Quiltbug said...

I read something about that program coming up for homeschoolers--sounds fun! :) Glad your teaching went well--love your picture--I'm sure Alison would love to build one too!