Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bible Teacher!

Detailed lesson plans. You'll never use them in real life...but you've still got to make one every time you teach in field experience, just on general principles.

Hi, my name is Miss Briana.
This is my friend Miss T___. 

How many of you can remember a time when God protected you?

Oh dear God, help me, I'm a teacher!  A BIBLE teacher!

Not really, not yet. Just field experience. Every single class in the Elementary Education program here requires you to have so many hours of experience observing and teaching in a real-life classroom. But it's still scary every time. And to start with Bible class?!!

I have skipped a whole morning of intensive Bible-study "boot camp" weekend seminars to take a mental break and then finish this Bible lesson for the third-graders I'll be meeting tomorrow morning. It's scary I tell you.

Bible class? Okay forgive me, I was home-schooled. We never had Bible class. We had family worship, but no class. Help me, Lord, I feel like I'm heading out to give Bible studies.  I am heading out to give Bible studies. This could help make or break these kids' opinion of Christianity, of God.  Bible class is the #1 scariest class for me in the whole curriculum. Who cares that it's not on TCAP or ITBS tests and I'll never teach it if I end up in a public school. It just is so...important.

So I pray. Sometimes, it can be good to be scared! :)

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TN Quiltbug said...

You will do fine! Take a deep breath. Think of it as just sitting down with the kids to do a family worship. I would guess at least 80% of them do not have regular family worship in their homes--really--and this will be a wonderful thing for them. They will enjoy a lesson in something that is "easy" for a change--not so much pressure to preform on a timed math test, or something like that. A bit more relaxed, a bit more thoughtful, a chance to ask questions, etc. They will soak it up like a thirsty plant. And third grade will be great! They are young enough to still enjoy things like this and not feeling like they are "too old for baby stuff!" And I will pray for you! :)