Sunday, February 24, 2013

Before Midterm Checklist...

Study for religion midterm #1 an hour.

Take break, check e-mail, check Facebook, check Blogger.

Persuade myself to go study for World Geography another hour.

Do a bad job of persuasion.

While procrastinating, decide to write blog post about procrastination.

Get iPod and listen to classical music to improve my brain.

Study for religion midterm #2 briefly (just writing the first 14 verses of John from memory, so fairly easy).

Wish friend would text me back about looking at her paper.

Actually get iPod and turn it on . . .

Study geography for 45 minutes or so.

Check e-mail, check Facebook, check Blogger.

Still don't get reply from friend.  Figure she will text me about an hour before suggested appointment to look at paper.

Lose all motivation for homework.

Go fishing for motivation in the depths of said inspiring blog post . . .

1 comment:

TN Quiltbug said...

But I'm SURE that listening to that classical music will improve your brain function so much that you won't NEED to study so much, right????? ;)