Thursday, February 16, 2012

7 Tips to Surviving College

...some of which I'm still working on...but I thought, being an all-knowing second-semester freshman, I would share some of my great knowledge.  Ha ha.  :)

1)  Do not under any circumstances reduce your quiet-time with God!  It will be tempting, especially when you have a dozen homework assignments and half a dozen papers to do.  But that time will make the rest of your time more productive.  I guarantee. If you must do something different with your quiet time, increase it!

2) Take care of yourself.  Eat healthy food at regular times, SLEEP at least seven hours a night, drink lots of water, and exercise every day.  Healthy living is one major thing that hardly any college students ever do, and if you can manage it you'll be far and away more productive.

3) Prioritize.  God comes first.  Then family and friends.  Then work (if you have work).  Then school.  Then social life.  Okay, that's my personal list.  But realize that having friends and being involved in the ministry God leads you to (whatever that is) are not necessarily the same as having a social life.  If you can manage being social on top of everything else, good for you!  But that's not what you're going to college for (I hope).

4) Use your time well.  This is one area I struggle in . . . I get distracted so easily and while it isn't over bad things, it's usually at very inopportune times.  If you work with a schedule, make a schedule; if you don't (like me), make a to-do list and focus on getting rid of all those things before you relax with the latest Olympic equestrian qualifications or videos of the 2008 Beijing Olympics eventing teams...okay, I digress.  :)  Use your time!  Find niches here and there to fit in reading, planning, maybe even some easy homework.

5) Be a student.  Okay, maybe you're not going to Harvard or Yale.  Or again, maybe you are.  Either way, you're a student now.  That study.  You don't have to be a total nerd, but do your homework, read, turn things in on time, listen in class, take notes if that helps, and your grades will thank you.

6) Don't panic.  Ever.  Maybe you forgot that you had a twelve-page paper due tomorrow.  Do what you can, don't pull an all-nighter, go to sleep, wake up early, work some more, turn it in.  Something's better than nothing.  If you forgot it altogether, see if the teacher accepts late work; if not, let it go.  And take it as a lesson learned.

7) Break things up.  Relax sometimes and find something you like to do and do it.


Tonya said...

Very well said.

TN Quiltbug said...

You ARE going to help walk Austin through his first year, right????

I think your list of seven things is a great one! :)