Saturday, March 10, 2012

verses & tips, week 10

I can't believe I'm in the tenth week of memorizing already!  Sometime I would like to start sharing my favorite verse from each week, since so far there are several that have really affected my life or my outlook or have just been perfect for that week.  But anyway.  Here again is the calendar for March memorization; this week I'm memorizing the following verses:
  • Luke 6:30
  • Psalm 2:8
  • James 1:5
  • James 1:6
  • Job 12:7, 8
  • John 15:7
  • Luke 11:13
And it looks like the "theme" for this week is asking and receiving.  What a great topic!  I'm definitely looking forward to these verses!

As for a tip--last week's verses had a lot of lists in them!  From the fruits of the Spirit to the characteristics of God, those lists can be hard to get in order!  So one thing I did last week was sign language/hand motions for the major words in the text.  You don't have to use "official" ASL (although it's a good excuse to learn a new language!); just come up with your own signs to help you remember.  If you're anything like me, using your whole body to learn a text will really help you embed it in your mind!

If you want to join me in Project 366 and enjoy the awesome experience of having God's Word embed itself in your heart and mind, just leave me a comment!  You can start right now and don't have to "play catch-up" at all if you don't want to.  :)

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