Friday, March 9, 2012


centered is the new word I am thinking about.  (I get this every now and again, a word strikes me and I ponder its implications for a while, just fyi).  :)

when I ride the horses, I want to ride centered.  For me, simplified, that means I know where my weight is at, and everything else moves around that point.  Being centered gives balance.  Freedom.  Excitement.  A horse that will move forward and relax.  Whether I am centered or not all the time, I need to ride centered all the time, whether we're walking, trotting, cantering, jumping.  Otherwise I fall off eventually.  And when I attempt to fall off, my instructor nearly has a heart attack. . . and I love my instructor and don't want her to die, so I try not to fall off or look like I'm going to.  :)

centered.  I want to live life centered, too.  Centered in GOD.  In His Word.  I want my "weight" to be right there in Him, so everything else can move around that point.  So I can have balance and freedom, so I can move forward and relax, at the same time, no matter what we're doing together.


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