Sunday, March 4, 2012


(flowers in Wyoming garden)
 I have discovered lately, I've lost my focus.  Somewhere in the argumentative essays and research papers and tests and quizzes and family stress that surrounded the last month or so, I lost it.
I lost my prayer time.
I lost my Bible study time in any depth.  

I would've lost my passion for ministry, except that I started wondering why I didn't have anything to say about God any more.

And then spring break comes, and another outbreak of tornadoes in our area (mercifully, not so bad as last spring's, but that doesn't mean much to those whose houses were wrecked), and I shake my head clear and say, What HAPPENED?

What was I thinking?  What am I thinking?  What am I doing to our relationship, God?

Dear Lord, may I forget school and doing well on tests and making good grades, if that leads me away from a relationship with You!  Show me the way back to a heart in sync with Yours; that is all that matters in the long run, and that's all I want to matter for now and for ever.  Just give me Your heart for others, and link my heart with Yours.

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