Thursday, March 15, 2012


i wrote about centered a few days ago.  Still pondering what that means in real life.  Because you know, some days you just don't feel centered at all.  If I were to compare it to riding again, it would be like sitting on the horse with all your feet and arms and head waving around to the sides randomly.  Haha, well that's what it kind of feels like sometimes.  I don't like it, wonder how to make it stop.

sometimes discipline can fix that un-centeredness.  When I was working with a therapeutic riding program, it was always, "No, feet in the stirrups."  "Helmet on."  "Hands up."  "Hold the reins."  "Or you have to get off!"

that last one usually got attention. :)

so sometimes you just have to put your weight back where it belongs.  However it's going to get there.  Sometimes you're un-centered spiritually and you need discipline.  Prayer, Bible study, whatever spiritual disciplines God impresses you as being important right now.  Sometimes--often--that is what's lacking.

but what about when you do those things and for whatever reason it doesn't work?

i think of these times as when God is silent.  When He doesn't do what He "ought" to do under the circumstances.  Think of the story of Lazarus (you can read it here if you want).  It's been my experience that God lets these times happen, perhaps to test us, yes, but mostly to let us seek Him more fully so that we'll be ready for something great that He wants to do in our lives.  Perhaps it is when I feel un-centered that He is working to make me more centered in HIM, not in anything else.

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