Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Bible class is always the hardest.

Oh, and I know why too. *Someone* isn't happy with any focus on the Bible or on our relationship with God. And thus it increases my prayer life, not knowing what I'm going to talk about until Friday or Sunday! ;)

This last week, praying (again) for inspiration, especially after stumbling across a revealing Bible journal entry by one of my kids, I was impressed by a thought:

Story, Bri. 

What story? I don't have stories.

Sure you do. 

THOSE stories? Oh my kids love stories. They don't care what it's about either. The magic words "I'm going to tell you a story..." get them all quiet and staring rapturously, no matter how uninteresting the story itself might be. But...really God?

Those stories.

 On my walk, I started thinking...God redeems everything. Every fall, every stumble, every pain and tear shed. And He has wired our hearts and souls for hearing stories. Even His Word is primarily stories. Perhaps story--our story--our testimony of His faithfulness--is the primary way He redeems the past.

So why should we be reluctant to tell, even though it may be raw and unpolished and stumbling? Why should I hesitate to share how He has worked and is working, even if it isn't "amazing"? Maybe, just maybe, the common everyday life stories of God's little and big providences are what we are missing.

Maybe, just maybe, some more of them should be told.

What's your story today?
What's mine?


Brooke Bernhardt said...

I think that stories are so beautiful because they are real, raw, and heart-spoken. Quite often, that's all people are looking for. Searching beyond the promises and shouldn't or should do's they are searching for a real woman who they can identify with and understand.

You are making a difference in these kids lives- not based on your own teaching skills- but because the God who loves lives in you. Keep going and be blessed =)

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Oh so very true! We never know just how God will use our story but it is our testimony, and in God's hand they can do marvelous things! God bless, Lisa 🌺