Thursday, November 5, 2015

IRL: A Thursday (Head Teacher Version)

It's 7:50 and I finish my e-mail to Mom and step outside my office. Turn on lights, unlock the front door, re-lock the inside door. Check over my lesson plans to make sure I have everything. Go back to the office. I've been here an hour now, been up for three and a half, and there are probably at least eight more to go. They'll fly, though--I know that much for sure. Having no more than half an hour of sustained "focus time" on one element of one subject makes for a fast-moving day. (Yes, I set it up that way on purpose...)

At four the kids will probably be gone (earlier if I'm lucky), and I'll have (hopefully) finished most of the grading while I wait for them to leave (perks of having a class of only six students!). Then it's attendance records, final grading, and plugging in the grades, organizing some sort of structure out of the chaos that seems to plague my steps (regardless of what others may see), and making phone calls as I drive to see my horse, hopefully leaving before 4:30 so it's not too late when I get back. I think most of what a principal/head teacher does is phone calls and e-mails. And paperwork. And putting out "fires."

If I'm lucky, I'll get to River's "house" by 5:15 or so, and spend a while with him before leaving around 6:30 for the drive home (in the dark, trying desperately to stay awake). I'll get home around 7 or a little later--wash dishes, take a shower, eat an apple and some peanuts (my superfoods), make tea, and crash on the couch to call my parents, drink my tea, spin, and try to recharge my batteries. Music practice until sometime after 9, and then bed.

And that is a day in the life. :)


TN Quiltbug said...

You are very busy! Praying for you. I know you are a blessing to your students.

Michelle said...

Sounds very busy, but pretty balanced. Zooming through your first year, you are!