Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Facebook, Yoga, the Bible, and Getting Up (2)

(Continued from here much remiss in posting this!)

 Upon looking at my habits I find myself getting out of bed and getting on Facebook more often than I got out of bed and got into the Word. Now I have taken many breaks from the big FB and don't consider myself addicted. In fact the political and ideological drama that goes on among some of my friends frequently tempts me to cancel my "membership" altogether! But for sure my priorities are skewed. So this begged another question. . .

Could I take something bad and use it for good?

I am getting distracted by socializing in the fake world. What about using the fake world of socialization (otherwise known as social media) to get deeper into the Word and develop true, deep relationship with God for myself and others?

And so the idea came about of, next semester, having a twice-weekly Bible study and prayer time. But once a week, to have it online. On Skype or Google+, or whatever we can find that works. So that we don't have to get together in person with our busy schedules.

Perhaps it will be early. Perhaps it will be late. But either way, it helps us to stay focused. Perhaps does a better job than yoga, even. ;)

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