Sunday, June 23, 2013

From the Book With No Name...

Two paragraphs today. From the Book With No Name, or, the Autobiography That Isn't. ;)

            The end of summer came faster than I thought. Soon we finished loading up the big yellow moving truck and were ready to drive away. Mommy and Ben climbed into the car and I climbed into the truck beside Daddy. I buckled my seatbelt and tried not to bounce up and down. Daddy started the engine and we all drove out. The neighbors waved. I waved back. I’d already promised to write them letters when we got to Wyoming.
            We drove and drove and drove. We drove through mountains, and through desert, and over the salt flats. Sometimes there were horses in the fields beside the road. Most of the time there weren’t. Finally we got to the last big mountains we had to go over. We climbed and climbed. The truck’s engine got hot and we had to stop. I was tired. Mommy was tired. Everyone was tired, but we had to keep going. Finally the truck cooled down and we kept driving. A few hours later, we turned into the driveway between two big bushes. Next to it was the house I’d already seen on the video. We were in Sheridan at last!

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