Saturday, October 1, 2011

Though I Can't Be There...

...I can pray!  Ever read missionary books/biographies and wondered if the same amazing things still happen?  Ever wondered if you could be part of that?  Ever thought that you could never, ever leave your home country and stay sane?  ;)  Ever wanted to leave on a mission trip, whether you stayed sane or not? 

Some of us, most likely, will be called to proclaim the gospel in far-away places.  Others of us will be called to proclaim it here at home.  But from following missions and missionaries closely, I know one thing for sure: things can be a whole lot more intense when you have to leave everything you know and start all over in a new culture.  The devil gets super-active when God's people start following Him, wherever they are.  And what's one of the best ways to defeat him?

Pray!  Today Missional Mama posted some excellent thoughts on how to support overseas (and home) missions through prayer, and I would highly recommend you check them out!  Prayer is a powerful weapon.  It supports missionaries like nothing else can--and it strengthens your walk with God, too.  Can you ask for anything better than that? 

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