Monday, July 25, 2011

College, Here I Am

I'm done with the first day of my first college class.

Well, it's an intense summer class, so it's a bit more info than a normal college class would be, but still I'm done with today. So I'm sitting in the library (should be studying, but I have the whole afternoon, right??) thinking about that.

It's the strangest thing to be here. Really. Really, really odd. I'm looking forward to getting involved...finding some ministries to be a part of...finding people who share my dreams and goals (if there are any out there, lol)...learning a lot. But right now it just feels strange. I don't have friends from my high school to hang out with. There are a few homeschoolers I know but they're not in my class. The others, so far, are not unfriendly but not really friendly either. I mean, no offense, but they're freshmen (I can say that since I am one); most of them haven't discovered real-life social skills yet. :)

Just kidding. Sort of. Most of them usually turn out to be great people; they're just all as unsure of themselves right now as I am unsure of myself. Which is why this post is ending up entirely pointless, except as an explanation for why I may not post very often for a while.

So welcome. Welcome to the random meanderings of a new college student. I will try to say useful things now and again. Really. :)

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TN Quiltbug said...

But we LIKE your rambling thoughts! So ramble away! ;) So glad your first day went well. You are in prayers in this new transition.