Thursday, June 9, 2011

(dogwood flower in our yard)

So you know something? The past few months I have really been impressed with one thing especially.

I need to fall in love with Jesus.

More. A lot more. A whole lot, lot, LOT more. I don't think I can ever be "enough" in love with Him. Especially right now.

It's hard to focus sometimes. Especially when I'm at work...or at home and everyone is talking about other things and sometimes those things aren't very positive...they need to be talked about but sometimes it gets me down. I need His help.

This is my prayer's an old poem of mine but it applies so well...

Soaring above there’s a swallow
Little bird but far above
The raging of this storm
It flits on wings

Wild simple beauty
Flying up there
It needs no song or words
To make me want to

Lord lift me up on eagles’ wings
Hold me in the breath of dawn
Send me through stellar
Galaxies till
I’ve caught the slightest glimpse of

Then help me show
What You are like
Shine through me, illumine please
Each corner of my new-found

1 comment:

TN Quiltbug said...

LOVE your poem! And I think you are exactly right. We never CAN be "enough" in love with Jesus. Something even old people like me struggle with--wait! Who's calling me old??? ;)