Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Waiting: Part 1: A Question

Long conversation with a friend and "little sister" last night brought up a topic that I think isn't talked about nearly enough.

That being WAITING.

That is, waiting in a spiritual and emotional sense. I think we talk about physically waiting for things quite enough. :)

But we wait for a lot of other things too...

  • "Mr./Ms. Right"
  • God acting in a specific way
  • Friends changing (for the better, we hope)
  • Family changing
  • New friends
I could go on and I'm sure you have your own list. The above is just some of what we talked about last night. ;) 

My question to you is this: Can waiting distract us from the bigger issues of life? If so, how do we keep it "in check," so to speak? 


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Wow- what a deep question and something good to think about. I have had my fair share of waiting over the last few years especially. There is so much in the Bible about waiting- and I think it is because we are called to so much waiting. I look forward to what others have to say. God bless~ Lisa :O)

Heidi said...

I really think waiting can send us either direction--away from God, or toward Him. I remember once pouring out my heart to a friend, utterly distraught about something I was waiting for. She just about interrupted me.

"Do you trust God?"

I stopped short. Yes. Of course I do. And when that's our answer, waiting gets a whole lot easier. Her question that day continues to be a self test for me, a reference point in whatever new situations I face.

Somehow, thought I didn't wait completely gracefully from then on, from then on waiting became time to focus on the things that really were right in front of me, instead of constantly focusing on my lack, on whatever I was waiting for.

Glad you brought up the question...it's good for me to think through that again, right now!

Michelle said...

I think Biblical waiting has a lot of "action" in it. We are not to wait idly. For example (all I have time for at the moment), while we are waiting for Mr./Mrs. Right, are we letting God work in US to become a Mr./Mrs, Right?