Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[Pre-] Teacher Diaries: Approaching the End!

This week at work the schedule for Winter semester is up.

We always fill out any time we can work and then someone puts all the options together, sort of like a giant jigsaw puzzle, so all of us office assistants get times we can work and a total number of hours that works for us.

But this time, my name's not on that paper. I'm going to be student teaching, and since I can afford not to work during student teaching (due to lots of saving and lots of scholarships--a big blessing!), I won't be working next semester.

Going to feel weird. I've worked every semester, even methods block. The past couple years, I've been working 15-16 hours a week. I wrote down that I will be back in May, just to make myself feel better. ;)

We have to apply for admission to student teaching, too. I've turned in everything and my interview is this evening. I'm still waiting impatiently for a grade on my portfolio (it should have been graded last Sunday!), but at least they haven't sent it back to me for revisions, so I'm assuming it passed in some way or other. :)

A week and a half and Thanksgiving, then two weeks and finals, and then Christmas break. And then student teaching. And resumes, job interviews, and hopefully, finally, a job.

Scared, and excited, and can't wait!

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TN Quiltbug said...

Lots of excitement coming up! Fun--yet exhausting, all at the same time! We know you will do well and be a huge blessing where ever God leads you. You remain in prayers for all the transitions upcoming!