Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Really Live

Alaska's a good place to really live. ;) 
--Random thoughts inspired by my tutoring session yesterday--

I'm continually amazed (and shocked) by how infrequently kids are really living their lives richly and joyfully. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since I guess it's rather infrequent that adults live life richly . . . but really. Why is it any sort of funny/pleasant/positive thing for you to tell me that you sleep all day on the weekend, because your mom's watching TV and you don't want to watch the shows she does? Why?

I have a professor (we will call her Dr. B; any of my Ed. major friends will know who it is ;) ) who teaches most of our reading/literacy classes. She is always emphasizing that we as teachers need to live as readers and writers if we ever expect our students to become enthusiastic and good readers and writers.

I think she's right. But not to just live as readers, or as writers--we need to live as whole people. As writers, and readers, and mathematicians, and scientists. As musicians and artists and athletes. As hikers, runners, ornithologists, mountain climbers . . . whatever you are, do it. Do it wholeheartedly and with love and passion.

"Live to the hilt every situation you know to be the will of God."
It's contagious, a life like that. Even if your friends and students and family don't understand why you choose that vocation or hobby or . . . calling of God . . . there's something irresistible about a life that's "all there."

And if it's contagious in things of hobbies, so much more so in things of God. I believe a lot of kids brought up in Christian families and Christian schools leave because they see adults who "have" to teach or live a certain way. Not those who are really living it. How can we--how can I--live wholeheartedly and completely for God?


Heidi said...

Amen! Even a trip to the grocery store can be full of interest and delight if we're "all there". (Which is where I'm going this morning, and you're encouraging me not to think of it as a chore!)

Briana said...

:) Glad to offer some inspiration! ;)

Raquel Soler said...

Is there some way that I can contact you?
I have whole bunch of questions to ask. : )

Briana said...

Sure Raquel! I'll friend you on Google+ . . . then we can message each other right? Lol we'll see! ;)