Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Perhaps you know the feeling too...

We walk into one home--a simple, tiny, rented house of three college-age roommates--and we all plop down on the old couch, or crowd into the kitchen to provide an overabundance of cooks and fruit-and-veggie-choppers, and everyone chats with everyone else, and even I (a bit shy in new groups) feel like I've found my second family. Welcome.

We walk into another home--a bigger, family-owned house, with redone kitchen and furnishings new and sparkly--and people hover around the edges, eventually sit down in a friend-group here, a friend-group there, and "family" is a thing reserved for those already in, not extended to the new ones. Not so welcome.

The point of these little stories?

It's the people that make the welcome.

And people with His heart give the best welcomes.

Father, please give me Your heart for all your children--old and young--to love them and welcome them into Your kingdom!

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