Thursday, March 6, 2014

Progression: A Little Story

Last snowfall of winter; now it's 70 degrees! :)
Maybe I should give a little background to the resurrection of this blog...

Almost exactly four years ago, February 26 of 2010, I stood on a beach in Lima, Peru, and God called me to missions--a call later reinforced by His Word, by friends, by family. That call--and His ongoing guidance--led me to change my major from communications to teaching; led me to plan on going overseas at some point or another; led me to be open to whatever He had in mind.

By a year and a half ago, I was questioning everything spiritual, everything Christian. The call was forgotten, overseas no longer really an option, God's will something I only occasionally played around with the thought of.

What changed? I thought I could. 

"Could" do a lot of things. Could be a top-notch teacher. Could be a star student. Could have everyone like me, everyone be my friend. Could...could...could...

By the end of last semester, by Christmas, I had decided that I wasn't willing to give up on God yet (the most important thing) and I'd also come face-to-face with the reality that I couldn't do any of those things I'd thought I could. That was the first step.

Then God brought me full circle, back to where we'd started. To what He'd asked me to do in the first place. To follow His dreams, to let them become my own. Because, how does it profit me to gain the whole world but lose my soul?

This time, my answer is yes. Yes, and yes.


Michelle said...

A thrilling testimony to the infinite love and patience of God, Who waits for us, tenderly keeps working with us, and rejoices when we choose to listen to His still, small voice. Thank-you for sharing!!!

Briana said...

Thanks Michelle, means a lot to me. He IS good :)