Monday, June 11, 2012

(extra) ordinary

Ordinary. . . that's what life is.


It's studying U.S. History to try to CLEP a class, plugging information into a database, searching for seemingly nonexistent information in said database, sending letters, shaking off umbrellas, delivering mail, working out, going to bed, getting up, trying to stalk the sticky-note trail to remember where you left off yesterday. 

(sticky notes save my sanity and the sanity of everybody around me, but when they're almost everywhere, it's hard to remember what's really going on here.) 

But, what if we were not just ordinary?
What if we were extra

We have extra--our God gives us the resources of the universe if we will only ask.  But common sense and everything in nature tells us that extra is meant to be used.   Our having extra means

we can give extra
we can love extra
we can be extra