Thursday, April 5, 2012

for His words long it has been since I wrote!  ay well, nothing we can do about the past, just use it to learn for the future. :) 

so busy lately.  Just doing the same thing over and over and over and over and...well you get the idea.  Work, class, study, class, study, sleep, repeat process. 

missing spring break.  Because during spring break I got this little taste of what...of what my life with God might be able to be like.  Of what it's like to really hunger for His Word and for time with Him--to really want it, even on the bad days, maybe especially on the bad days.  And of what it might be like to start really seeing where He's put me the way He sees it.  Of having a passion for people, especially the people He has recently put in my life--or, more accurately, put me in theirs--in response to what I directly asked Him for.  I want all that back.

it can be the same.  My priorities just have to be right; I've been letting the big things slide way too often.  And what is this next month of college anyway?  A few tests, a few classes finished...what is that in comparison to the lives and hearts and souls of me and of His other children?  What can a person give in exchange for his or her soul?  Does that really mean anything to me?

i'm going to go for it.  I've got to.  I need it, they need it, maybe even He needs it.  I'm going to soak myself in His words, seek Him the little that I can, let Him do the rest. 

my prayer these next few weeks?
Lord, give me Your heart.

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