Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

(Grand Canyon sunset)

So I'm sleepy and therefore prone to random wanderings. Should I apologize? Maybe. Am I going to? Not really. And if you want something "deep," I have it ready but haven't written it yet. In the next few days...depending on what happens...maybe. :)

Last Saturday night we had my last homeschool senior class social. In two and a half weeks we'll be graduating. I stood outside afterwards and thought about what a long time it's been since I graduated from eighth grade. Recently my parents have been asking--and I've been wondering too--did I do the right thing by homeschooling all the way through high school? It seemed to go quite well until about junior year, and then everything rather fell apart socially.

But you know what? I'd do it again.

Even knowing everything I know now.

No, I didn't have a group. Yes, I had to break two or three close friendships, and several not-so-close ones. It was hard. Very hard. But I met some of the most amazing people in the whole wide world. :) And I went on an amazing mission trip that ranks right up there with the amazing people when it comes to things I wouldn't give up! And I got so much closer to God. I don't think I would have nearly the passion I have now--don't think I'd be nearly so in love with God--if I hadn't had the experiences I've had the past few years.

DECISION (by me)
Once more I’m standing
By the water, but
Now those waves
Don’t call to me. Instead
I’m listening to a Voice
That has called me on before

I’m thinking back
to all the people
That I have heard of
and that I’ve seen
Who know no more
than what’s always been

And I’m thinking on
As sun sets and rises
and stars fill the sky
His call begins small
But grows ever stronger
Till I can’t deny

You made me
You taught me
And this is Your call
To leave what is safe
To leave what I know
And give You my all

It’s not going to be easy
And it’s not always fun
I know enough to know
that adventure’s retrospect
And trusting can mean heartache
There’ll be tears I know

But thinking back
And looking on
I can’t see
A better choice for them or me
His Call is now and I respond
Here I am
Lord send me


Elijah and Dembre said...

nice post

TN Quiltbug said...

Very beautiful poem--equally beautiful thoughts! We are so proud of the young woman you have grown up to be. Certainally there should be SOME way we could claim you as part of our family... It will be exciting to see how God will lead you in the future!