Thursday, January 13, 2011

Possible Title & a Poem

There. Yes? I like it better than the previous title, anyway...might still change it. :) Here is a somewhat-recent poem by Me. Yes, I like free-verse. At least, I like writing it. Sometimes I like reading other people's free-verse, and sometimes not...but that's a long topic!

I’m standing here
Waiting on the threshold
On a new horizon
Uncertain, alone
But trusting in the One
Who gave me this dream, and
Led me on to here

For others, dreams
are only dreams;
For me, they’re stars
so far away, and yet
He promised He
would make them all come near
If I would only
Give them up to Him

So I’m waiting
Hoping, watching
Wondering still
Just how He will
bring them back to me
In His way
in His time
More beautiful yet
Than those I left behind

1 comment:

TN Quiltbug said...

VERY beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)