Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thursday Thoughts--Who Are You Being?

What am I showing to other people? What do they see in me? It's fascinating to me to watch people's reactions as they get to know me. I am reasonably conservative compared to most of my friends here where I live, although I'm not very conservative compared to a lot of other people. For example: I wear jeans and shorts, but my clothes aren't skin-tight, low-cut, or revealing; I listen to some contemporary Christian music, but I still can't figure out how you can really praise God by destroying your hearing; I watch movies, but not very often (at all!) and not most of the ones that my less-than-conservative friends are watching; I'm allowed to date, but I'm choosing to fall in love with GOD first and not worry about guys till later.

For a long time I was afraid to be labeled. I wanted to fit in with the crowd. I still do, to one extent or another, but I'm beginning to be more comfortable with the person God is leading me to be. If I'm just like everyone else in the world, what do I have to give them?

And it's amazing to me to watch people's reactions. At first they may find it difficult to talk to me, if all they can talk about is the latest movies and popular songs; and that's always frustrating to me. I want to be friends, but how can we talk if you seem totally uninterested in real life? ;) But when they really have something on their hearts, God has over and over been able to use me to reach them. Which, when He does, is an amazing experience!

So it's something I find myself thinking about. Who am I being? Who am I showing to others? Am I showing them that all I really care about is the normal way of doing things, or am I showing them that there's Someone even better out there?

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