Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reaching Others while Staying at Home :)

I love writing to people! Whether it's letters, hand-stamped cards (my personal favorite) :), emails, Facebook messages, or forum/blog posts, I love communicating with people! And I've found it's a wonderful way of developing friendships and reaching out to people. I have been "e-pals" with two missionary kids so far and it's been a wonderful experience both times. One of those e-mail and chat buddies is now my best friend in real life (although we're back to phone calls and emails since he left for boarding school), and another is currently overseas, but hoping to come to college with me. Whether you're writing emails to and chatting with an MK who just needs support, encouragement, and prayers; making a card for your work supervisor or other friend who's having a tough time in life; or helping other kids with their questions about life, writing is a wonderful way to communicate and make people feel loved and special. And you can do it all from your desk and/or computer! It's a simple outreach that can have big results!


Elijah and Dembre said...

That's so neat! Being a very social person myself I try to let God use that love for people for his glory. That's one of the reasons I started puppy raising. I make connections with people that I would never usually get to talk to people and get to share God's love with human beings everywhere I go all because of my sweet CCI pup.

Briana said...

Awesome! I love that about puppyraising too... and meeting all those strangers has REALLY increased my comfort level with talking with people. I think taking the pups out in public is one of my favorite things! :)