Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random Thoughts

I have been working more on my Bible memorization lately. Memorization has always been comparatively easy for me and a while ago (a couple years) I was impressed that I should probably be using that gift for more than just school! So I started memorizing whole chapters of the Bible. That makes it much easier for me to remember where a text is found...I am horrible at remembering individual texts! If I can memorize a whole chapter, getting the context in that way, it's much much easier to remember!

So I thought I'd share my personal method of memorizing. I like to make up a sheet with the verses marked on it, and the beginning letter of each word. I also include the punctuation. It's a little hard to describe, so here's a (unfortunately not too good) picture:

The slashes mark every two verses. If I'm really "on the ball" I can memorize about two verses a day, so that divides things up more easily. To do the actual memorization, I read the verse two or three times in my Bible, then switch to the sheet and try to do it with only the first-letter "clues." After a few times going over it this way, I can try saying it without looking at anything. I always review the past half-a-dozen verses or so as well, so I don't forget.

Since I'm taking my second year of Spanish this year, I'm also LOVING memorizing chapters in Spanish! So far I'm working on my second Spanish chapter--I Corinthians 13. So cool to learn the same thing in a different language! I'm looking forward to adding French chapters next year!

Well that is all for today, more later. :)

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