Monday, October 4, 2010

Poem :)

I write poetry every now and then...well actually pretty frequently...and this is one of my many favorites. :) Reminds me to wait for GOD's plan for my life, and not go running off after something that just looks good, or that everyone else thinks is great.


It shimmers, it gleams
It’s like flames in the night
Every color of the rainbow
Silk-brushed soft feathers

They ran for nets
And set up snares
Arranged lures
Even fought with each other

I stepped away
Just held out my hand
Watched it flit by
From tree to tree

If you come you’re not my captive
Neither will I be yours
Though I love you just like they do
I will never force

You must choose to land
Will you? I don’t know
But the true bird of paradise alights
Only on the open hand.

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