Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Every Day

It's been my routine almost a full year now--every day after the hectic school and work and everything-else schedule, I drive out to see, feed, groom, and (sometimes) ride my horse, a.k.a. my Best Buddy (or just River). He's the biggest and best gift God could've given me for this last year, by the way. :) (And the most expensive, but God provides!)

But today we had good old-fashioned Tennessee "gully-washer" thunderstorms and therefore I didn't go see my best friend. He'll survive; in fact he's probably perfectly happy with his grass.

I, on the other hand, am already regretting it. Why? Well ... because it's my "reset" from the day. And because I miss him. Even just one day, I miss that connection that only really happens when you're there, together. I can think about him all day long but it's not the same as being there, even if we have a rough day.

Tonight, missing my Buddy (but knowing I'll go see him tomorrow), I'm thinking--do I recognize my need of just being there, together with God? Even if it's a rough day and I just don't "feel" like I'm connecting with Him?

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