Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Homeschoolers Teach!

I feel like that should be the real title of this blog. Maybe I will change it lol.

It seems that there are a remarkable number of homeschool kids in the education world. We don't overwhelm the department or anything, but I wouldn't expect homeschooled students (who enjoyed it!) to go into traditional education--but we do!

In fact I have another K-10th homeschooled girl in my class, and another one who was homeschooled just through kindergarten. We shall call the first one Liz (not her real name) and she and I hang out a lot. Mostly because we understand and enjoy each other's corny homeschooler jokes, plus we're of very similar personalities and teaching styles, so we get along well. I spend a lot of time with the other one too (we'll call her B) but we are more opposite personalities, lol.

So as I resurrect this blog I think I will do so in the name of being real, of talking about school and homeschool and college and teaching and teacher preparation. Of what it's like really, and of course how all this plays into God's call in my life and working for His children (which of course, is the current title...oh decisions).

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