Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Hast Returned :)

At least for the moment!  School is starting on Thursday and I'm gearing up for it, buying a few last books, checking my schedules, looking at syllabi, transferring assignments into my "keep-everything-in-one-place-book" a.k.a. "external brain" a.k.a. planner, working, praying and planning for the small group we're continuing, riding, and trying not to go crazy. 

That last task is the most difficult.  ;)  But today it was like God impressed me, "Hey, you can't even make yourself grow six inches taller by worrying; why don't you give up on a hopeless task and let Me handle all this?" 

Oooohhhh yeeahhhh.  I remember that...really...

I can plan.  And I'm getting pretty good at planning, if I say so myself.  But planning alone isn't going to eliminate the stress from my life.  And stressed people are not "all there."  If I'm stressed out, I'm not
*a good person to live around
*available for other people
*able to listen to God.

What's more, everyone and their dog (and I think I mean that literally!) is stressed these days.  I think maybe a great way to witness for God is to have a full life (guided by Him in its content), but not be all worried and hyper-stressed about it.  For sure, being that way is something only He can work in us!

So with that inspiring, impossible thought (but remember, God specializes in the impossible!), I am off to get ready for small group tonight.  :)


TN Quiltbug said...

Holly says she isn't stressed. Unless, of course, I am late with her dinner! :)

Good thoughts--I'm sure you will have an awesome school year!

Briana said...

Hehe! Holly has a great family--she certainly shouldn't be stressed! :)