Friday, July 6, 2012

Reflections on Missions

Seven months ago I prayed. 

I asked God to send me wherever He wanted me to go. 

I thought that would mean going overseas this coming school year.  That's where I wanted to go.  I even had the particular area of the world (and preferably country) all mapped out.

Guess where I am?  Right here, same country, same state, same town, same house, same school--happier than I ever imagined I could be.  He sent me half an hour away, then decreased the distance a bit further for the long-term, and said, in effect, "You want a mission field?  Here, have one that nobody else thinks about, that nobody else cares about, and that you are going to love."

I still remember the day.  Really?  This?  God, You are AWESOME! 

A lot of people seem to worry God will "send them to Africa."  Well I was the opposite.  I worried He'd keep me in the States.  Now I'm delighted with the thought of staying here indefinitely. 

What I want to say is?  

God's will isn't always the one and only thing you don't want to do.  Sometimes He will work on those areas outright, and it will be difficult.  Sometimes, if you give Him permission, He'll change your heart so it isn't quite so difficult as you thought it would be.  I'm not saying there won't be tough times.  Absolutely there will.  But why do we seem to assume that God loves to "torture" us with difficult experiences, and throws them at us whenever He can?  

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Sara said...

It's so true, you hardly ever hear of people worrying God wont send them overseas... and yet like you, I'm the opposite. And honestly I still worry sometimes (too often, really) that He wont ever lead me overseas again...

But thankfully, His plan for our lives is always so much better than our own :)

Thank you for sharing this Briana, I needed the reminder. And I'm excited for you. I know you'll bless many hearts, regardless of where you may be placed.