Tuesday, September 27, 2011

...where did my time go...

I have been blessed!

--Little kids to talk to after work
--Fog and dew on the roses this morning :)
--The young gentleman who actually took it upon himself to open a door for me on Friday (wherever and whoever you are, you made my day!)
--High-speed internet at home so I don't have to spend so much time on campus!
--An awesome laptop of my own!
--Good grades!!!
--God teaching me to handle stress! :)
--A wonderful girls' group that's going to be meeting once a month!
--Too many exclamation points!!! haha

But I have no time! Haha. I really am trying to write more...I have all these ideas for posts, and they run around in my head all day, but I have no time to actually write them. Sigh. I will figure it out, I'm sure, but it will take a while. In the meantime, be assured I'm really not dead! :)

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